There’s nothing like waking up to a brand new morning and putting on a piece of clothing that you love. The AHA Clothing Collection is meant to do you good on many levels. I believe these garments will inspire you to be who you want to be and help unfold each day according to your intentions. 

Products also available for babies, children and teenagers.

Use the filter to customize the selection according to your constitution, desires and needs. You will be able to choose size and color on the retailer’s product page. 

How to Use the Filter

  1. Your Constitution:  choose products according to your constitution (sensitive, intense or stable). Don't know your constitution? Take the test.
  2. Desired Quality: choose what quality you want to bring into your mind and life (e.g. kindness, courage, abundance, protection).
  3. Color: choose the main color of the artwork. Please note that the search results might show products in other colors too. If it appears in the filter, your chosen color is available on the retailer's page.
  4. Design Season (for photography only): choose in what season the photograph depicted in the artwork is taken.
  5. Climate Balance: choose what effect you want your artwork to have, to counterbalance eventual climate disturbances on your mind, body and life. AHA artwork can be humidifying, drying, warming or cooling.
  6. Yoga Terms: Here is where you can choose artwork and products according to their effect in yogic terms. AHA artwork balances vata, pitta and/or kapha, and enhances prana, tejas and/or ojas.
  7. Collection: choose the type(s) of art you prefer: conscious reminders (art that includes words), or photography only.
  8. Product Type: choose what type of product you need, e.g. a tee, joggers, leggings, a dress or a hat.
  9. Material (for clothing and certain accessories): choose the material you prefer (e.g. organic cotton, functional or other)
  10. Gender/Age: choose unisex products, for masculine or feminine body shapes, or for children, babies, or teens.
  11. Manufacturer: choose if you want products from a certain manufacturer. Each manufacturer carries specific products, so by excluding a manufacturer, you will exclude certain products.
  12. Shipped From: choose products shipped from the location closest to you.

You can also use the search box to find a particular product by title, product number (SKU), design number, description, etc.

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